Our story

How it started

Fruit geeks meet bartender & designer.

Imagine a frozen fruit company passionate about the best fruit varieties with great taste & vivid color. Add the expertise of a professional bartender and some smart & creative packaging designers. That’s the story of BeARTENDER: a new range of fruit purees designed for bartending. 100% mashed fruit in an ergonomic bottle, nothing added.

Who is that professional bartender? 

Well, meet Dave Aertgeerts. He is a restaurant consultant and bar expert. He learned his job in international bars and hotels from London to New York, he is a respected member of the Jury in international cocktail competitions and a guest speaker on seminars and tradeshows. He works as an independent personnel coach for international hotels, bars and restaurants and is a trend watcher in the bustling hospitality sector.


It was Dave who told us about the craftsmanship of bartending. We were fascinated by the high quality standards that bartenders set for products behind the bar. Presenting craft cocktails within minutes is quite an intensive job. Bartenders need to work fast and efficiently. We happened to notice a lot of fuss with fruit behind the bar. So that is exactly why we created BeARTENDER: to make the life of the professional bartender easier with the highest quality of pure fruit in a convenient format. To help the bartender to become an even better liquid chef.

bartender at work with lime

How to use

Personalise your bottle

In just seconds you can turn the BeARTENDER bottle into a neutral squeeze bottle:

Conditions for use

Thaw the fruit puree for 24 hours in the refrigerator (+4°C) or in defrost setting in the microwave, after removing the seal from the bottle. Shake before use.

a perfect balance

Minimum dosage for maximum flavor.
One bottle serves 16 cocktails.
Only 30 ml of Beartender is needed per cocktail:
Use 30 ml of Beartender sour (lime, passion fruit or sea buckthorn), combined with 20 ml sugar syrup & 50 ml spirit.
Use 30 ml of Beartender flavour you like. (strawberry, raspberry, mango)

16 cocktails per bottle