BeARTENDER On Tour: Belgian East Coast

BeARTENDER On Tour: Belgian East Coast

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Our first stop was Knokke. We visited 3 great bars: Lichttorenstrand, Pura Vida and Waikiki Beach. Bartender Julie of Lichttorenstrand told us that daiquiri’s are very popular, even without alcohol: just use sparkling water instead, or Sprite for people who prefer a sweeter taste. She also found inspiration & tricks in our Beach Bar Essentials. Example: this is one of our bar hacks on busy moments that Julie tested with success: frozen daiquiris made a few hours in advance & stored in the freezer.

Bartender Frederik of Pura Vida amazed us with high-end craft cocktails and was happy with the great weather lately: on a sunny Sunday he serves 300 cocktails per day!

Our second stop was L’Apereau in Blankenberge, this is not a beach bar but a high-end cocktailbar with the talented Jeroen Van Hecke behind the bar. He truly takes mocktails to the next level. Our favourites: Lychee Rose and Strawberry rhubarb!

The last stop was in Ostend where we visited Tao Club. Tao’s strength: they serve handcrafted cocktails until closing time, unlike other clubs who switch to longdrinks after 1AM. 

More mocktails

We noticed that there are more mocktails on the menu’s than ever before: most bars now have up to 6! The most popular flavours for mocktails that we spotted at the beach are: strawberry, raspberry, lemon and mango. You could even mix different flavours together like Pura Vida does in their delicious Frutilla mocktail: strawberry, mango and passion fruit, decorated with an old-school Frutella candy. We loved it!


The Belgian beach bars told us that the good old classic cocktails are still very popular. The Piña Coladas, Mojitos, Caipirinha’s and Lazy Red Cheeks are musthaves on the menu. And guess what, you can use BeARTENDER to serve all these classics in no time. Cheers!